Eavestrough, Dormers and Ice Dams

I have recently come across an issue that affects many homeowners. Ice Dams. Now I know what you're thinking...its pretty much summer! In my opinion, a good contractor will be able to spot problems related to all seasons, no matter what time of year the work is being...

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Soffit & Fascia….Extending the life of your roof

Good day All, Today I will be extolling the virtues of soffit, and fascia. A great percentage of homeowners have heard these terms before, but to my surprise, not many people seem to know what they are, and what purpose they actually serve. If you are among the few...

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A word about Eavestroughs

  Good Day, In my many years of installing seamless eaves troughs, there is one common truth that exists. You either care, or don't care about your eaves. What do I mean by this? If you care about your eaves troughs, you undoubtedly realize that they are an...

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Siding London One house at a Time

Hello Homeowners! I have touched briefly in previous posts regarding the cost of materials vs the cost of installation. Sometimes there is a large gap between the two.; for instance; vinyl siding. This is the type of product that costs very little to make and is...

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Interior Renovation Work

Good Morning Everyone, So you've taken the first step to doing some renovation work to your home. This process can be very exciting and potentially prosperous for you. There is nothing more exhilarating than "making over" your home. The prospect of redoing some...

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The Pitfalls of the Self Employed

Good Day readers, On most days I am glad to be self employed. It really does afford me certain luxuries that do not come with a steady 9-5 job. I am able to make my own hours, work at my own pace, leave early, and have the flexibility I need to reduce stress if I take...

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Welcome to Select Renovations

Interested in renovation do's and don't's? Stay in touch with me (Gary) at Select Renovations here at my blog. I will be posting new and relevant material that I come across in my home improvement journey. Both good and bad! If you don't see a topic, just ask, and i...

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